We know we cannot save the world alone – but we can do our part. Therefore, we strive to incorporate sustainability in all we do, from when we choose ingredients in our products to how we manage your personal information. We hope the following will give you an idea of how we work with sustainability in a broad and concrete way.

For us, Sustainability is taking responsibility for actions and consequences; across all aspects of the company. It is a broad term, and we work with the term in multiple ways including:

  • Environmental impact
  • Animal welfare
  • Social impact
  • Privacy and data


All Solskin Denmark products are produced in safe, responsible and sustainable environments. Our production lives up to all certifications to ensure high quality and safety standards.

Unlike some other companies, we simply do not believe in testing skin care products on animals. Further, all our products are vegan and (obviously) do not contain ingredients that are known to be harmful to humans and nature (including microplastics which we still cannot believe is a thing in some cosmetics). A simple promise that we believe should be common sense.


Our packaging is chosen based on two parameters – design and sustainability. Therefore, when you receive a package from us all components can be recycled both from the product and from the packaging. To be concrete, packaging material can be composted and the cardboard box recycled.


We could stop here – but we simply can’t. As an organisation, we are committed to creating a sustainable way of working to benefit our globe and our surroundings, while conducting our business. To be concrete, we can mention 2 examples:

  • Secure and privacy friendly website.
    To be honest, we could gather much more data about our visitors – but we choose not to. Therefore, when you visit our site you won’t be stuck with cookies or leave any personal information behind (unless you make a purchase, of course).
  • Bike delivery in Copenhagen.
    With our headquarter’s placement in Copenhagen, we believe it is common sense to deliver orders in close proximity by one of the least polluting transportation forms. We hope you won’t mind a little wind on your package..